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How Brands Are Using Emotional Connections to Create Stronger Customer Bonds

A firm brand has the power to influence, inspire and empower your audience. But the brand that forgets about its customer or pushes a selfish agenda suddenly looks hollow. Consistently providing authentic content, understanding your customers' needs and valuing their presence will create a long-lasting loyalty instead of feeling robotic or inauthentic with your audiences

Discovering How Your Customers Feel

Building marketing strategies around your brand is no walk in the park. Understanding what your audience thinks and feeling connected will allow you to truly harness the power of brand recognition. So many companies rely on the image alone, but back it up with substance they can’t compete with a company that takes pride in building those emotional connections our customers need.

By actively listening. Listening sounds simple, and it is, but there are a couple of different ways you’ll want to listen.
Discovering How Your Customers Feel

1. Social Media

Excellence in social listening can help a brand to better understand the language used by its audience members, or it allows them to further deepen co

nnections that have already been established. From there you can figure out how you might connect with these people using their own language and build some stronger bonding ties through that level of contact.

However, social listening is not the ultimate way to understand consumer thoughts thanks to the 90-9-1 rule. The 90-9-1 rule means we don’t hear from everyone that uses an online platform. 90% of online communities simply lurk and observe and 9% of these people might comment from time to time. The insights that social listening gathers? That comes from just 1% of the total online users.

2. Brand Tracking

The best way to understand how your target audience is reacting to your brand is by getting the answer straight from the horse’s mouth. Brand tracking enables you to discover if your campaigns have positively or negatively impacted your target audience, and if their associations with your brand match what you are trying to portray.

Brand tracking software provides the ability to zoo

m in on the audiences that drive your business, meaning you are getting more exact information than just the general population. In addition, you can analyze how your target audience is reacting to competing brands, so you can learn from what they are doing right - and wrong.

Final Thoughts

  • Focus on building authentic connections with your audience through your shared values

  • Take time to listen to your customers and let what they say inform future strategy

  • Don’t forget, this is a long-term strategy and should be consistent throughout your branding and marketing

There’s no space in the marketplace anymore for a mediocre emotionless brand.

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