visual content production

if you want to reach audiences where they’re at, deliver content in formats they want

to interact with, and form deeper connections with your consumers, visual content can help—a lot.  

what is visual content?

in short, it is the graphics and images that you see, read, and interact with as you consume media, including:

compared to other forms of communication,

visual content boasts three major benefits. 


visual content uses design to present information in a format that is stimulating, attractive, and engaging.

this makes it easier to synthesize and piques interest immediately. In short, visual content grabs your audience’s attention.


the brain’s visual processing system is faster and more efficient than other communication systems, which means we

are able to interpret visual information almost instantly and with minimal effort. In fact, a 2014 MIT study found that the

brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds. Visual content is easier to understand, making it more enjoyable

to engage with.


the visual processing system also works with our long-term memory, connecting the images we see to information already

stored in the brain. This makes visual content more memorable than other mediums. For marketing and editorial uses, which demand broad appeal and interest, visual content can be a secret weapon.

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