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What is Visual Branding and How It Can Help Your Business

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Visual branding is a way to convey your business identity and personality through visual elements such as color, fonts, imagery, and logo. Visual elements should be consistent across all mediums to maintain brand recognition and integrity. By having a cohesive visual design strategy marketers can achieve their marketing goals, boost SEO, increase conversion rates, and improve customer engagement.

Visual marketing is a way to communicate with your customers in a different medium other than text or voice alone.

Because consumers are used to seeing certain colors or patterns they will be more responsive to those types of visuals when presented to them through various platforms such as web banners, advertisements, pamphlets, etc. For example, the website banner for TMobile uses colors that are typically used to promote technology or electronics. There is minimal use of text and limited button options which helps the customer focus their attention on finding out more about this new data plan rather than having to process lots of information quickly before they decide if it's right for them.

Having a cohesive brand across various mediums looks professional and has great impact on customers when introduced accidentally. It gives consumers an overall view into what you're all about and how you're different without having to explain in words, thus increasing conversions and sales. Moreover, your consistent use of visuals help build trust with customers by using the same imagery they've grown accustomed to.

What makes visual branding unique is that it encourages people to interact with your business visually through pictures or videos instead of text or voice. Marketers can easily create or curate images for blogs, websites, social media profiles without having to spend lots of money. Visual elements encourage people to engage with your brand by sharing, liking, and commenting. For example, the Facebook page for clothing retailer Express shares product images that accentuate their "Fashion Forward American Style" tagline. Their use of simple yet bold fonts across all social media channels helps reinforce their brand identity as being fashionable and classy without being overbearing or ostentatious.

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