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40% Increase in user Engagemen


Client Objective 

PETNET, a prominent pet brand in the tech industry, entrusted us with a unique opportunity: to craft a compelling photo and video content campaign for their innovative Petnet app. Our goal was to showcase how the app empowers pet owners to personalize their pets' meal times, portions, and even remotely feed them using their smartphones.


Our creative team introduced the concept "Nourishing Bonds, One Tap at a Time" to capture the essence of the campaign. We wanted to highlight not just the functional aspects of the Petnet app, but also the emotional connection it fosters between pet owners and their furry companions. This concept centered on the idea that feeding moments are opportunities to deepen the bond with pets.


  • Engagement Surge: The campaign drove a 40% increase in user engagement on Petnet's digital channels, resulting in longer page visits and reduced bounce rates.

  • App Adoption: Downloads of the Petnet app increased by 25% within the campaign duration, reflecting heightened interest in the app's benefits.

  • Online Conversations: Social media conversations among pet owners flourished, with many sharing their experiences of using the app to enhance their pets' well-being and their own peace of mind.

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