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Complete Hemp


Re Branding, Creative Direction, Web Design,  E-Commerce, UGC

Photo & Video Production


CPG, Beauty


Disruptive Digital Agency


Social Impact


738.8% + Users 


Our challenge was to seamlessly integrate multiple forms of content to encapsulate Complete Hemp's ethos – a fusion of science, compassion, and transformation. We needed to unify these elements into a coherent narrative that resonated with the audience while establishing a strong digital footprint for the brand.


The Complete Hemp CBD Brand Content Campaign showcases the fusion of creativity and science. By seamlessly blending photography, video, CGI, and graphic design, we breathed life into the brand's ethos. The campaign's immersive narrative, integrated across diverse content forms, not only elevated Complete Hemp's digital presence but also amplified their core values, nurturing the brand's identity and fostering a transformative connection with their audience.



  • Digital Footprint Expansion: The campaign catapulted Complete Hemp's digital presence, leading to a 50% increase in website visits and engagement.

  • Audience Connection: User feedback highlighted a deeper emotional connection with the brand, praising its commitment to holistic well-being and science-driven approach.

  • Core Values Amplification: The graphic design elements effectively amplified the brand's core values, fostering a stronger sense of identity and loyalty among customers.


Key Learnings:

  • Content Harmony: Seamless integration of diverse content forms creates a comprehensive and resonant brand narrative.

  • Visually Captivating: Engaging visuals and CGI elements can effectively convey complex processes while maintaining viewer engagement.

  • Interactive Hub: Designing an interactive microsite consolidates content and enhances user exploration, fostering deeper connections.

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