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Complete Hemp




Re_Branding, Creative Direction, UGC
E-Commerce, Photo & Video Production

CPG, Beauty

Disruptive Digital Agency


Social Impact


738.8% + Users 



They teamed up with a molecular biologist from Yale, who is a lifelong student of Ayurveda and has a deep knowledge of medicinal herbs. Together they formulated the most highly effective hemp-derived products possible. Because quality is of the utmost importance to them all, they created the cleanest, organic formulas, free of any chemicals, toxins, or preservatives. All based on the power of nature. They created the company to be vertically integrated so they could keep the operation to the highest integrity and be fully transparent every step of the way.

Clients Objective 

Our challenge was to seamlessly integrate multiple forms of content to encapsulate Complete Hemp's ethos – a fusion of science, compassion, and transformation. We needed to unify these elements into a coherent narrative that resonated with the audience while establishing a strong digital footprint for the brand.


The Complete Hemp CBD Brand Content Campaign showcases the fusion of creativity and science. By seamlessly blending photography, video, CGI, and graphic design, we breathed life into the brand's ethos. The campaign's immersive narrative, integrated across diverse content forms, not only elevated Complete Hemp's digital presence but also amplified its core values, nurturing the brand's identity and fostering a transformative connection with their audience.

Let’s Accomplish Something Great Together.

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